By adhering to Federal Collection and Processing Standards, Real Analysis ensures the admissibility of your digital evidence in any court or civil hearing.


Nationwide In-House, On-Site & Affiliate Services Available.


Since the amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in December 2006, the eDiscovery industry has become a free market - running wild with astronomical price points.  This has made the use of ESI (Electronically Stored Information) as a source for viable evidence out of reach for many.

At Real Analysis we believe everyone deserves the right to be fairly represented and to have all forms of evidence available.  By leveraging technology and experience, Real Analysis minimizes non responsive data and provides all-inclusive solutions to meet the needs of your eDiscovery matter.  Whether your case is large or small, Real Analysis offers the most efficient pricing methodology allowing eDiscovery Services to be an effective option in nearly all legal matters.


Call today to see how Real Analysis is aiming to change the eDiscovery industry by making ESI affordable and available for nearly all legal matters.


Strategy Development & Data Mapping

Defensible ESI Collection & Preservation

Early Case Assessment

De-Nisting & De-Duping

Custodian Analytics

Advanced Email Recovery & Analysis

Advanced Keyword Searching

File Conversion & Load File Production