Real Analysis was founded by Rich Peacock, a former Detective and Certified Computer Forensic Examiner with the Baltimore County Police Department.  Rich was responsible for criminal investigations, computer and cell phone forensic examinations and in the general management of all information gathering regarding investigations where the internet, computers, cell phones and landline phones facilitated criminal activity.

Rich's area of expertise in digital forensics and eDiscovery is widespread and includes forensic acquisition, data recovery, investigation and analysis of data from desktop computers, laptop computers, cell phones, GPS devices, email servers, file servers and various other computer storage devices.  He has extensive training and experience conducting cyber related investigations and in the collection, recovery and reporting of digital evidence.  He is highly skilled and experienced in the Rules of Evidence, Chain of Custody of Evidence, Fourth Amendment Search & Seizure Issues and in the FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure).  Based on Rich's investigations and computer examinations, he has provided testimony in local District and Circuit Courts, U.S. Federal Court and Civil Hearings.

Rich holds certifications from "IACIS" The International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists, Guidance Software and AccessData, leaders in the industry of computer forensic investigations and eDiscovery.  He is certified in both Digital Evidence Collection and Examination.  Rich continually assists other examiners and investigators worldwide and conducts research & development for the computer forensic industry implementing new methodology and curriculum development for training new and experienced examiners and investigators.

Why is Law Enforcement experience so valuable?
The fundamental basis of digital forensics and eDiscovery is law enforcement.  A computer forensic and eDiscovery examination is an investigation, much like any other exploration of possible wrongdoing performed by law enforcement every day.  The digital evidence recovered during a computer examination has a direct impact on decisions that may trigger the termination of employment, the taking of one's freedom, reputation or impose possible monetary losses to a business or private citizen.  Inexperience and the lack of proper qualifications at any phase of the computer analysis can result in the inadmissibility of evidence and can open the door for potential civil litigation.  An examiner with both extensive experience and proper qualifications will assure that these consequences are supported by the most accurate data findings. 

The corporate and legal arena has become saturated with IT Professionals taking a few forensic software classes and calling themselves a Computer Forensic Examiner or eDiscovery Specialist.  IT Professionals lack real world investigative, legal and court experience and carry the reputation of being "Push Button Examiners".  If your case hinges on digital evidence, you need a trusted, certified professional to collect, analyze, report and testify about the evidence recovered. 


Trust the experience of Real Analysis for all of your eDiscovery and Computer Forensic Needs.