Real Analysis
Real Analysis is not an IT Company that has simply added Computer Forensics and eDiscovery to their list of available services.


Backed by over 12 years of law enforcement criminal investigation and more than 25 years of computer related experience, Real Analysis delivers real world results by utilizing the most advanced methodology, computer forensic and eDiscovery tools in the industry.


No one intends to be involved in a criminal or civil matter.  However most people use computers or cell phones at some point on a daily basis for business or personal matters - leaving a trail of artifacts that can be recovered at some time in the future.  At Real Analysis we believe everyone deserves the right to be fairly represented and to have all forms of evidence available.


If your case hinges on digital evidence you need a trusted, certified and experienced professional to collect, analyze, report and testify about the evidence recovered.  Whether your case is large or small, Real Analysis offers the most efficient pricing methodology allowing eDiscovery and Computer Forensic Services to be an effective option in nearly all legal matters.